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The Spirit Store PA Spec
The Spirit Store has a state of the art P.A. system by leading music industry sound reinforcement Specialists d&b Audiotechnik. The system consists of 2 x Q7 loudspeakers 1 x E8 centrefill and 4 x Q Subwoofers.

This system is the first Q series installation in Ireland or the UK confirming the Spirit Stores status as Irelands leading music venue. Such is the specification of the system that d&b's international partners are planning on using the Spirit Store as a venue to showcase Q series systems

Last Updated Mar 2019

Midas Pro 1 with DL251 Stage Box Running up to 40 inputs 5 powered seperate monitor mixes

P.A System
2 x D+B AUDIOTECHNIK Qi 7 loudspeakers.
1 X D+B E8 as Centrefill
2 x D+B AUDIOTECHNIK D-12 Amplifiers.
1 X D+B D6 amp for centrefill

4 Dynacord 400 Watt Monitors
2 x EV SX300

8 Shure SM 58s
8 Shure Sm57s
3 Shure Beta 58s
3 Shure Beta 57a
2 X Sennheiser 906's
1. Beta 91 Kick Drum Mic
1 Beta 52 Kick Drum Mic
3 Sennheiser MD 504s Drum Mics
2 KM184 Condenser stereo pair mics
2 AKG C1000 condenser mics
1 D112 AKG Kick Drum Mic
8 BSS Audio Active D.I Boxes.
6 Di Boxes Passive

Stage Piano
Yamaha U1 upright overstrung piano. Please note we need advance notice if the piano is to be used. Preparation for the piano may include tuning and will become a show cost if so.

The projector is a short throw projector that takes VGA, HDMI. It can be worked from stage left and we have a 10 foot by 10 foot white screen behind the drapes at the back of the stage.

Internet Specs:
Download Speed 20 megabites
Upload Speed 9 megabites

Stage Dimensions
28 feet 8 inches wide by 12 feet 8 inches deep.
In House Lighting System With Controller. 24 Lights With 4 Way Control


Any Questions Phone Derek Turner 087 2627893