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Working closely with Access Cinema Ireland we are now licenced to show cinema from around the world and have decided, given what we do, to focus on music cinema which is to say, concerts, musicals, music documentaries, audio visual art and so on. The range of what we can screen through Access is vast and we are excited to bring some incredible cinema into our space. We have invested in a new cinema screen and projector which will pair beautifully with our state of the art sound system. We also have 40 seats, with backs, in a properly heated / air conditioned venue.

This Month - Whiplash

In this psychological thriller, Andrew (Miles Teller, Divergent) is a gifted young jazz drummer pushed to his breaking point. After being accepted to a prestigious music conservatory, Andrew's only focus is achieving perfection. Unfortunately for him, that's also what his brutal and unorthodox new teacher has in mind. An exhilarating drama that asks how far a person can be pushed; Whiplash is a study in nail-biting suspense. - Calgary International Film Festival 2014.

Just Announced

Luca Stricagnoli

Sun 17 Sep, 2023 | Doors 8:00PM
€22.50 + €1.50 Booking Fee

Just Mustard

Immersive 360ยบ Audio and Visual Show

Thu 13 Apr, 2023 | Doors 8:00PM
€20.00 + €1.50 Booking Fee

The 4 Of Us

Wed 27 Dec, 2023 | Doors 8:00PM
€28.00 + €1.50 Booking Fee

Spirit Store Music Cinema Presents

Whiplash Movie

Doors 7:30PM - Movie 8PM

Wed 22 Mar, 2023 | Doors 7:30PM
€5.00 + €1.50 Booking Fee


Fri 07 Jul, 2023 | Doors 8:00PM
€10.00 + €1.50 Booking Fee

Rastachaun Presents

A Night Of Drum and Bass

Fri 14 Apr, 2023 | Doors 9:00PM
€10.00 + €1.50 Booking Fee