The Spirit Store = Music, Comedy, Gigs, Venue, Bar, Drink...
George's Quay, Dundalk, Co. Louth +353-42-9352697

From South of Dundalk
It's only about 50mins from Dublin Airport!
Take the M1 until you reach the East link bypass (N1) and you're nearly there. Stay on the N1 through 2 round abouts then 3 sets of traffic lights and turn right onto the Dundalk Harbour (
look out for the 'Port' entrance sign). You cant miss the Spirit Store around the corner on the left.

From north of Dundalk
As soon as you cross over the new Tain Bridge you're just about there. Look out for the Harbour Entry sign on your left. The Spirit Store is on the harbour around to your left.

Free parking is available along the Harbour infront of the Spirit Store



To take a virtual tour of the bar and venue click on the image below