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Tom Holliston

Tom Holliston is a self-taught independent rock musician and songwriter from Lund, British Columbia, Canada. He's probably best-known internationally for his 16 years touring and recording with legendary Canadian bands Nomeansno and the Hanson Brothers. Tom's solo work (under his own name and his band Show Business Giants) generally consists of alternative rock songs, characterized by considerable musical variance with playful and obscure pop culture themes. On-stage he displays a singular blend of charm, humour, and social commentary.


Selina Martin
Celebrated Canadian songwriter and vocalist Selina Martin has been part of the thriving Toronto music scene for almost two decades, releasing 4 highly acclaimed - - solo albums and performing on countless other recordings and stages with her peers. A noted experimenter, her music is a mix of pop, punk, rock, folk, electronic and perhaps just a little cabaret but it is also wholly original. There is an undercurrent of energy to her live performances and a 'je ne sais quoi' to her voice that make her a captivating performer. Martin now resides in France where she continues to explore new sources of influence.