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Sophie Coyle

Sophie Coyle is one of Irish music's most honest and unique talents. Her hypnotic voice effortlessly delivers stories carved in her own lore, conjured by her own unique lyrical dynamism. Her songs are charmed with a rare and seductive magic. These dark enchantments that have seen her play support for a host of celebrated artists such as legendary Scottish folk singer Dick Gaughan, Mundy, John Spillane, Ger Wolfe, Luka Bloom and Gentry Morris. In 2010 her spine-tingling gothic-folk masterpiece, "Delirium" was used in the soundtrack to the horror film Spiderhole, which was released in Ireland and the UK in 2010 and in the USA in 2012. She lives in Dundalk with her husband Jinx Lennon and is release in 2018. She is joined by fellow local musicians Caroline Whately (Bass), Sharon McArdle (Keys, harp, accordian) and Conor Taaffe (Drums).

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