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Paul McCann

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Paul McCann from Cavan, Ireland has played various instruments in many bands over the last 20 years (including Aine Cahill's band; power pop band The Plan; and also fronting the Johnny Cash tribute Get Rhythm). No stranger to the live scene, McCann has performed with Pugwash, The Strypes, Duncan Maitland (Picturehouse), Nelson Bragg (Brian Wilson Band/Beach Boys), Sandy Kelly, among many others.
2015 saw the release McCann's highly-acclaimed debut EP 'The Magician'. Recorded and mixed at JAM Studio's alongside Martin Quinn's co-production. Following this, he released 'Beginning to End', an EP comprised of home recordings. These two self-produced EPs showcased a diverse range of musical styles and influences as McCann delved into a variety of musical territories.
'Here Comes the Rapture' (which was released on 28 September) is McCann's debut album. The album was preceded by the single 'Keep the Devil Within' which was released in June 2018. The single received strong radio support and charted at number 3 in Irelands Indie Single Chart. Keep an eye out for songstress Aine Cahill who also appears in the songs video.
The next single was 'It's Only a Fantasy' also received strong airplay and drew comparisons to Elvis Costello and Power Pop giants Jellyfish. The music video for 'It's Only a Fantasy' was also highly commended for its use of state of the art hologram projections.
An extremely talented musician, McCann played almost all of the instrumentation on the album, including - Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Electric Bass, Double Bass, Slide Guitar, Piano, Mellotron, Harmonica, Kazoo, and Trumpet! McCann has a diverse mix of influences, ranging from The Divine Comedy to Jack White, Johnny Cash to Beck.
'Here Comes the Rapture' is pure pop rock, with an infectious, upbeat chorus' and guitar driven hooks throughout. Keep your eyes peeled for some live Irish shows throughout the coming months.

"Hooks galore, immaculate singing and playing, a very impressive album" – Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart, Jeff Buckley)
"McCann has been honing his craft for almost 20 years as a multi-instrumentalist with various different projects and his level of proficiency as a musician shows" - Puremzine
"His style has everything power pop fans could want and more" - Power Popaholic
"Like Jefferson Airplane in singalong mode" - Music Blog, I Don't Hear A Single
"Power pop at it's finest… Think George Harrison meets Tom Petty….. Wow. Just Wow… truly magnificent: Bayview Sounds
Song of the Day – June 2018 & September 2018:
"with his debut offering McCann comes into his own... 10 exuberant songs.... Here Comes the Rapture has flawless influences...McCann delivers a collection of taut tunes....numerous dingers here that well and truly hum. 4/5": Tony Clayton Lea (The Irish Times)