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Owen Colgan - Little Weapon
Owen Colgan, Irish cult comedy hero is best known for his role as Buzz McDonnell from Hardy Bucks - aired on Ireland's national broadcaster RTE - for which he has starred in 4 hit seasons, and the Hardy Bucks hit movie which media coined 'the Irish Hangover' and was produced by the mammoth Universal Studios.

Owen has enjoyed great live success recently with Hardy Bucks selling out shows all over Ireland in some of the country's most prestigious venues, including a live Hardy Bucks play in Vicar Street Dublin.

This year Owen is going solo and he is out to change your lives, he is the guru the world needs in these dire modern times.

In a world full of hurt, pain and shite craic, Owen Colgan embarks on a journey to save people's minds from sadness. Armed only with his fists and a couple of pints, Owen sets off on a quest of indomitable will and determination, to fulfil his desire to be - A LITTLE WEAPON.