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Native Oak

Native Oak is a class act with bags of talent with a very complete & accomplished sound, that creates a remarkable intimate atmosphere. Native Oak is a singer songwriter, surfer & explorer from the Emerald Isle with a warming finger picking style and a voice that has captivated many an audience. He is a solo folk musician currently touring with his debut album 'never too old'. Native Oak has a purity in his arrangements which he performs on a selection of guitars. From his smooth and warm finger picking style matched with his gravelly voice that kind of whispers his reflective lyrics.
He has toured all over Ireland, United Kingdom & mainland Europe. He is continually finding new fans in every region he visits with also his work 'Take Me Away' from his debut album 'Never too Old' has been used on a Finnish advert for Crooks Head Dram. The album has been produced with ethically friendly materials and 10% of his physical & digital sales are donated to the Irish Natural Forestry Foundation. He is establishing his name with every performance he plays, sounding both unique and memorable.
If you wish to be captured by a harmonising roar matched with the soft touch of fingers to strings that will generate a nostalgic feeling, then Native Oak may allow you to create the perfect evening to relax the mind.