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Jim McHugh

Hot on the heels from his 'My Nuclear Radio' album release, Monaghan native Jim McHugh will appear at the Spirit Store on April 23rd. Described as 'a serious bit of Work' by John Creedon, Jim has been steadily building his reputation as a unique song writer and performer since his first album release in 2017 entitled 'Noise Machine'.
His latest offering 'My Nuclear Radio' features the singles 'Avenue Road', 'Marjorie' and 'Everything's Cool' and 'My Mandalay' which have all received national and international airplay. 'My Mandalay' was selected for the RTÉ Radio 1 playlist and also LMFM's 'All Out Local' song choice for March 2020.

Praise so far
My Mandalay: LMFM 'All Out Local' Song Choice for March 2020
RTÉ Radio 1 recommends playlist December 2019
My Nuclear Radio: Album of the week 18Sep2019 - Roddie Cleere, KCLR
Everything's Cool: Song of the week 22Aug2018 - Roddie Cleere, KCLR

My Nuclear Radio is the fascinating new album from dynamic multi-instrumentalist Jim McHugh who has been receiving steady radio play over the last couple of years since the release of Noise Machine back in 2016…
…As though he is dancing on the end of a knife, McHugh has a stunning aptitude when it comes to his music as it comes across as intrinsically complicated but also the most natural and effortless thing in the world.

The Kinks sang about Lola, The Velvet Underground sang about Sweet Jane, and in Monaghan singer-songwriter Jim McHugh's new single, sings about Marjorie. There's a bit of Lou Reed in McHugh's distinctive voice, and the infectious guitar riffs at the get go cast shades of when Dylan went electric.
Expertly crafted and nonetheless playful, McHugh advises Marjorie to 'just let it all hang out' and stop worrying so much. Advice we all could adhere to from time to time, and by the second or third listen, you'll find that you have. - Noelle Ellis, Gigging NI

AVENUE ROAD:Listen to the Chorus. Listen to the filler electric guitar. Listen to Jim's vocals. You really should. Its Endearing. Its delightful. Its that good time that you'd never thought could exist. It does. Jim and the gang make's it so in the single.

'Jim brings a new dynamic to folk music as he cleverly infuses traditional styles with an uptempo and raw indie style (even the odd ballad) that creates something very different for the Irish music scene'. - Chantelle Frampton, Gigging NI.

'And that's the charm of Noise Machine, it's uncultured, indie folk driven rock that has a vibrant beating heart. From the driving single 'Red Rose', the catchy 'River Won't Flow', the rootsy 'My Destiny' and 'Help Her Help Me, to the almost Velvet Underground reminiscent 'Do You Remember', there's a rich vein of potential coursing through the grooves of this record'. - Pete Whalley.

'This music clearly has deep-seated roots - cultural, musical and social - and like all music with roots, it takes many forms. There's abrasive folk rock with edge and irritation, wrenching ballads with anguish and distress. There's personal recognition and unrestrained observation'. - Charlie Elland @jimmchughmusic @jimmchughmusicic