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Hazel O'Connor
The  rock  star  has  returned  to  her  soul  folk-­-roots,  live  and  on-­-stage.    Hazel  O'Connor  performs  with  the   celebrated  Irish  harpist  Cormac  de  Barra,  in  a  captivating  and  intimate  special  performance.    2013   marked  the  15th  anniversary  of  Hazel  and  Cormac's  first  collaboration  on  the  biographical  show,   Beyond  Breaking  Glass  with  a  special  one-­-week  run  of  the  updated  show  at  Edinburgh  Fringe  Festival.     Hazel's  autobiography  'Breaking  Glass  Barefoot'  has  also  just  been  published  and  tells  previously  untold   stories  of  her  rollercoaster  ride  through  the  highs  and  lows  of  the  music  business.

Hazel  O'  Connor  has  fast  re-­-established  herself  as  an  artist  and  performer  to  be  reckoned  with.    Her   husky  voice  remains  charged  with  passion  and  her  enthusiasm,  love  of  music,  and  wicked  sense  of   humour,  is  ever  present.    No  O'Connor  show  is  complete  without  her  original  classics  Will  You,  D-­-Days   and  Eighth  Day  or  her  new  classics  Rebecca,  Driftwood,  I'm  Still  Breathing  and  Acoustically  Yours.

From  initially  catapulting  to  stardom  with  the  starring  role  in  Breaking  Glass  and  the  ensuing  hits  that   followed,  Hazel  continues  to  tour  extensively  delighting  audiences  along  the  way,  winning  over  fans  old   and  new.  Recently  she  received  the  accolade  of  her  own  star  in  the  new  Coventry  Walk  of  Fame  in   England.    Her  own  small  version  now  sits  alongside  her  Gold  Discs  and  BAFTA’s.

Cormac  de  Barra  is  not  only  one  of  her  co-­-writers,  but  has  also  been  her  musical  partner.    He  has   recorded  three  of  his  own  harp-­-led  CDs.  More  recently,  Cormac  has  been  dividing  his  time  between   television  work  on  the  TG4  arts  series  Imeall  and  the  project  'Voices  &  Harps'  with  Moya  Brennan  of   Clannad.    The  combination  of  De  Barra’s  harp  with  Hazel’s  unforgettable  voice  is  truly  magical.

Hazel  &  Cormac  returned  to  Edinburgh  Fringe  with  an  updated  version  of  the  Beyond  Breaking  Glass.   The  highlight  of  2014  was  a  double  appearance  at  Glastonbury  Festival  playing  a  full  set  on  the  Avalon   Stage  and  also  sharing  the  bill  with  Moya  Brennan  at  Greenfields.    2015  will  see  a  tour  of  Ireland  and  a   performance  of  BBG  in  Paris  featuring  some  translated  French  versions  of  Hazel's  best-­-known  songs.

...“Sumptuous songs with a soulful, introspective lyrical depth. The arrangements are largely traditional in feel, helped by Cormac de Barra’s exquisite harp...seamless forays into pop blues and soul, and the familiar silken gravel of O’Connor’s voice” - Irish Times

"Simply stunning " Janice Long - BBC Radio 2