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‘Get Rhythm: A Tribute to Johnny Cash’
‘Get Rhythm: A Tribute to Johnny Cash’ are a group of eight musicians from County Cavan who have recently toured the prisons of Ireland, recreating the prison concerts undertaken by Johnny Cash and his band in the 1960s.
Following the prison tour, this 8 piece band (replicating the classic Cash, Tennessee Three, Carter Family and Carl Perkins line-up) is now taking their performance to venues around the country playing songs from throughout Cash's career. Paul McCann will be recreating the role of Johnny Cash and June Carters vocal duties will be performed by Louise O’Reilly.
Paul is a Johnny Cash enthusiast and is very excited at the prospect of taking this show on the road. “Johnny Cash's music has always been a huge inspiration to me, as I grew up listening to his music at home. Performing this show around Ireland is the most exciting experience of my life”.
The musicians, who have been performing together in various line ups for fifteen years, have been performing the show in prisons for four months and are dedicated to staying true to the spirit of the performances which they are recreating.