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Bulls on Parade
Bulls on Parade are a tribute to Rage Against The Machine, the greatest rock band of the ninties.The band capture the sound and energy of one of the most influential and controversial bands in music history. Few rock groups have caused such sensation as Rage Against The Machine .In their 8 years as a band until their break-up in 2000. With a combination of rap, rock, metal, hip-hop and funk, the music of Rage Against the Machine continues to expose the hipocrasy, curruption and oppression that exists in our world. Bulls On Parade keep Rage's message alive with their amazingly accurate live performances covering all four albums aswell as several
non-album favourites. With such anti-establishmient songs as Freedom, Testify, War Within A
Breath and Know Your Enemy, Bulls On Parade keep the music alive at a time when these songs are
as relevant as ever..
Fromed in 2003, the band has undergone several changes to their line-up and now have arguably
the best yet. The guilty parties are: Sean McMahon- Vocals, Kevin Carroll- Guitar, David Stanley
-Bass and newest member; Ciaran Reynolds- Drums. In January 2005 the band returned after an
almost 2 year absence where their performance in Dublin's Temple Bar Music Centre earned them
the reputation of one of the best tribute acts around. This July, Bulls on Parade set off on the
aptly titled "Battle Of Ireland" tour which begins on Saturday, 16th of July in The Spirit Store,
Dundalk. From there the band travel to Armagh, Down, Belfast, Dublin and several other counties
where they are sure to add to their already strong following. Feel Tha Funk Blast...