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We try and keep our beer offering interesting and current.
So alongside Guinness, Heineken, Becks we serve real cask ale from Cumberland brewery in Newry. As far as we know we have the only cask pump in the town so if you like to drink for flavour we recommemd our Corby Fox.

8 Degrees do a great stout and an IPA and both are on draught on rotation.

We have a Brewdog tap which usually runs 5am saint or Punk IPA. Two great beers for drinkers who dont need it too subtle.
We have two German wheatbeers and a Belgian as well as Leffe from that great small beer brewing nation.

Our bottled selection attempts to keep pace with the brewing revolution going on round the country. And we do a small range of Belgian beers including Kwak, Omar, and a few trappists.
My own recommendation at the moment is the IPA from the Little Valley Brewery in West Yorkshire.

We probabaly fail hopelessly in that regard but if you fancy a bottle of Sink the Bismark once the strongest brew in the world at an abv of 42 per cent you will be in the right place. Our beer in the bag, see picture, is called Tactical Nuclear Penguin, a light ale by comparason at aaa mere 32 per cent.