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Jinx Lennon

I'm a bit fed up of all the bullshit these days i think it's time to set out the stall a bit more !!!

We have to have the accent it gives the music that bit of form that kicks blood into the fibre of song .An earth wire ,a bit of stone sticking out of the footpath that might trip you up if you're not watching where you're going .This is me Jinx Lennon and i won't lie to you it isn't pretty what you're going to hear but it might uplift you and keep your head from falling out onto the floor in a big sloppy mess before the onslaught of xmas bullshit starts.The Periods will bring fire and songs of light to shine hard at the bugs beneath the stones and ward off the energy vampires and the day to day word salad office gets and gaslight ejitery.

Look a little closer and you'll find this positivity in all his tunes. Lennon has a passion for the people he's singing about, and the people he's singing to. Everything he does, from the unassuming honesty of his modest tunes to the comical simplicity of some of his lyrics, all work towards the realisation of this one message.GOLDEN PLEC(review at Body +Soul 2017)