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Aoife Moriarty

Aoife began her songwriting career in The International Bar scene of 1999, alongside the likes of Damien Dempsey, Declan O’Rourke and Damien Rice. Shortly thereafter, she took some time out and, among other things, travelled extensively, playing her music in such places as Long Island, Louisville, Nashville, Memphis and Munich. If listening to her debut album is anything to go by, a lot of living was done before she re-entered the Dublin scene. From folky guitar troubadour to quirky pop pioneer, ‘Dolls and Jigsaws’ is a prism-like creation, shining an array of dazzling yet diverse lights from its many sides and reflecting a diverse range of influences, from early Madonna to Steely Dan and Blossom Dearie. But the end result is truly her own.

A number of the songs were produced at The Production Suite, Dublin with Chris O’Brien & Graham Murphy (The Blue Nile, Human League). Others were produced in varying locations. Says Aoife: “Every song had an individual mood and life of its own and it became clear that a single production approach wasn’t going to work. Using different studios is probably quite an unconventional approach but I’ve never been that concerned about the mainstream when it comes to my music. I think the song themes and unusual chord progressions speak for themselves as a coherent whole.”

Soon after Aoife uploaded her first studio demos onto her myspace page in early 2008, musicians began to offer their services. Aoife is very excited about the live line-up that resulted, which includes Darac O’Laoire on guitar, Lennart Breternitz on bass and Thomas Nolan on drums and vocals. Watch out for gigs around the country in the coming months. For information and bookings email ‘Dolls & Jigsaws’ by Aoife Moriarty can be downloaded on itunes now and will be available in Record Stores after the 5th Feb. Alphabet Soup is available from by texting 2057 to 57501.